Products and services

We here believe that all artists no matter big, small, established or not should have complete access to distribute their music. What is important is that such access is equal and affordable to everyone. If you choose us as your music distribution company, we can promise you that 100% of revenue from sales of your music is yours to keep without having to give up ownership on your music- whether it is the mixing, recording or ownership of merchandise.


  • You can improve the sound quality of your songs with just one click. We have the expertise to do the same. All you need to do it drag your song, place it and choose the service. Our software masters your music into an iTunes quality song all just for the rice of 5$ per track.
  • Once you have written and sung a song, you must take the necessary licenses before you can distribute the song. We can help you to do just that. We can advise you on the license that you need, do the paperwork and research and have it all done for you. We also track your performances so that everyone involved gets their fair share avoiding legal troubles for you.


  • We ensure that we register the artist’s songs in over 60 countries and you get to keep ownership of those songs.
  • You can submit unlimited compositions to us, on which we promise to collect songwriter royalties for you. We will charge a flat fee of 50$ and a 10% commission for these services.
  • If you choose to make your compositions available for film and TV, our in-house experts will do the needful and you can start earning royalties on those as well. On those compositions that get accepted, we charge a fee of 20% per song that is downloaded.